My favorite word.. “Why” 10 questions

Seriously, if everthing happens for a reason, then everything has a reason…so all i want to know is..why. What’s the reason? I know that quote is pretty much an answer in itself…but if you think about it, life revolves around everything happening, so my question is, Why does it happen?
Some questions i want to know:
1. Why does ‘luck’ never seem to happen to the one who wants it? Like, I’ve gone in the store and bought a lottery ticket, and it made me think..why can’t my numbers be the numbers that get picked?! Why is it that you always hear of someone from a different state winning the millions?!
2. Why do the babies that are born to celebrities, oh i dont know, get to be BORN TO CELEBRITES???
3. Why is it that everytime we are pressed for time, we not only get stuck behind the slow driver, but hit every yellow or red light???
4. Why do we never feel comfortable with our bodies, and focus on every single imperfection. Like, when you become what you think is appealing and acceptable, no one walks down the street and congratulates you on how amazing you look and you definitely don’t win an award???…ok unless your on the biggest loser.
5. Why is it, that the BEST tasting things in life are 10,000 calories and cause everyone to get fat?!
6. Why is it SO easy to gain weight, and so damn hard to lose it?
7. Why does it seem like planned parenthoods are overflowing w/ pregnant teens, yet it seems like married couples have to ‘try’ to have babies?
8. Why are kids so damn mean in middleschool, it is always the fat kid or ugly or weird kid that gets picked on?
9. Why do men focus on sex, while women focus on marriage?
10. & Last but not least, WHY does it seem like the ones who are so blessed to have a ton of money, are so damn rude and think they are on some different level than those who weren’t so fortunate. Why do they think they are of better quality? SHEESH!


About chloebeth

Helloooo, my name is Chloe. I'm 20 years old and live in San Diego! I'm not your average 20 year old, but hey, that's life. I work fulltime at a lawfirm as the office manager and i'm currently working on getting my real estate license and have been living on my own since i was 17! I have a cookoo bananas family, but hey, who doesn't right? I love to be around good people and couldn't ask for better friends! I don't know if i could live without the people i have in my life, and chocolate malted krunch icecream from riteaid...the end.
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